My name is Jennifer, I’ve been living in Australia for a few years now, I’m originally from Belgium (though was born in France). You probably know that already if you’ve met me or talked with me on the phone, my accent is pretty strong! I have tried so hard to have the Aussie one but you probably wouldn’t even understand me at all then!

I have been practicing photography for many years (over 10 years by now) and I ‘ve always been passionate about it. No, I don’t have a university degree in photography (though I do have one in marketing.) I have travelled and worked extensively in Norway, India, the Netherlands and S. E. Asia.

I learn everything on the go!  I had the chance when I was

younger to meet some awesome professional photographers who helped me learn a great deal. The rest I have acquired from experience and my own professional development that has improved my skills and techniques over the years!

My other passion of course is animals. I think I loved animals even before I was born! I have this passion, this love, this infinite patience for them that I don’t even have for my partner (just joking!).

Anyway about 2 years ago I was having my coffee on the balcony and looking at my dog and it just clicked (I did do equine photography back in time)! Why had I not thought about it before?

I wanted to be a photographer specialising in animals!!!

I couldn’t explain – I was between happy and really upset with myself that I hadn’t done this 10 years ago!

Well, I think life is a journey and everything comes when it needs to come!

Anyway here I am the animal photographer and animal lover! That’s me! Otherwise, I have a lovely partner, an amazing super cheeky dog and four chickens (more are to come).