Session Fees

Each photo session is different and fully customised to suit you and to create a unique experience for you and your pet.

Product prices doesn’t include shipping fee

The session fee does NOT include any digital photos or printed products.


How does it works?

I. Book your session & choose location

Once you have decided which package (see “pricing” page) suits you best and you have all the information you need, you are ready to book!


– By appointment

First, I would love to meet you prior to the session to know more about you, your baby(ies) and your expectations.  Once you are happy with all the info and the package chosen, I will give you a booking form to take home and complete and send back to me (by email).

– By phone call

If you unfortunately cannot make it, it’s all right. I can give you a call and we can get organised. I will then send you the booking
form by email, once it’s complete, you can send it back to me.

II.  Getting ready

When the booking form is completed I will send you by email an info session form (of course I’m always available for extra
information) to help you and your pet to get ready for the photo session.

Don’t panic it’s all good and easy!

III. During the session

Once the booking is confirmed, we create the atmosphere and circumstances for the photo session. This is the fun and nice
part.  Your presence is always more than welcome and can help your baby to keep focus and feel more confortable. You are an integral part of the session, whether you want your pet photographed by itself, with you or another person. It‘s all about fun, enjoying creating a new and amazing experience for you and your best friend!

IV. Viewing session

Once the photo session is done, we will need 1-2 weeks to be able to work on the photos. Each
photo will be edited in high resolution.
Afterwards, I would love to meet (at a selected location) to view the photos and choose your favourite photos and decide what end product you would love to have.
Depending on what end product you choose, it can take from 1 to 4 weeks to be delivered to your home (by me or through registered mail).

V. Delivery

Once the product(s) are ordered it will take between 2-4 weeks to arrive at Concept Photography Studio. You will have your Artwork  delivered to your home.

VI. Feedback

When everything is done and you received your end product I would love to have your feedback and make sure you are happy with the all experience and the end result